Why You Need a Consultant

You need a consultant more than ever, in today’s ever-changing world of technology.  Humanity has become saturated with technology.  We have more options in business technologies than ever before.  If we were to believe the slick marketing agencies, all you have to do is simply click a button and revolutionize your company.  There are some great products out there, but there is more to it than just being a great product.  For example, the BetaMax videotape machine in the ‘80s was the superior product for home videos and watching movies at home.  It had better resolution, better sound, and was more compact, but it didn’t win in the battle against the better-marketed VHS format.  Now both have gone the way of the dodo bird.  Technology can be here and gone overnight.  What looks like the next big thing to come becomes the last thing that was.  It is a terrible feeling to spend hard-earned money on what is said to be the next big thing only to find out that it becomes obsolete before it is completely implemented.  You need guidance, you need a consultant.

Someone that knows your needs

Anyone can sell you new shiny things.  That is the benefit of slick marketing and cool “toys,” but in the long run, will it be something that will satisfy the need in your business? You need a consultant. A good consultant works to understand your business first.  They believe in doing the proper due diligence and not just finding you a cool product.  They work to find you a useful product that helps you reach the end goal of your company.  They ask the right questions: “Will it make your people more productive?” “Will it help bring overall costs down?” “Is it cost-effective?” A good consultant thinks about your company first.

Someone that knows you and your current technology

One thing that software business systems and apps have in common may be incompatibility.  Many times, cool new apps or software programs are written to stand alone.  Making them talk with other software like yours can often come at a premium price.  People see what they want to see. They often have a tunnel vision that can become very costly.  You need a consultant that looks at the big picture,  This including the compatibility between systems.  It takes a lot of research to provide assurance of compatibility.  This plays a big part in the cost effectiveness. When looking at a new solution, you need someone who knows both systems and how to make them speak to one another.

Someone that knows your business

You need a consultant that builds a relationship with you.  This includes them getting to know your business the way you know your business.  This helps them evaluate programs and applications that will fit your business processes and procedures.  A good consultant knows that change just for change’s sake is not good enough.  Trust grows when a consultant and business owner see eye to eye and the owner knows that the consultant understands his business and how it works.  This doesn’t happen in the first visit; it takes time.  It is an investment for both parties.  A good consultant will invest that time.

Someone that knows the difference between a fad, fascination or future

Experience provides wisdom, wisdom provides forethought.  I know a company that hired a young, inexperienced IT director that cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars due to his lack of experience.  He became notorious for doing very little research, jumping in headfirst, and then quitting the project when it became obvious that he didn’t think things through.  His motivation was based on the salesman’s ability to show him something fancy and new.  He didn’t ask the right questions and dropped the ball when it became obvious he was in over his head.  But with time comes wisdom.  You need a consultant that has the wisdom to see past the shiny object. To be able to weigh all the costs before bringing a solution to the table, then complete the project in a timely manner.

Someone that knows to look to the future

The biggest constant known to man is that everything changes. You need a consultant that continues to grow in their knowledge of what is coming.  Good consultants are always learning, always collecting information, and always looking to what is changing or about to change.  They are always on the lookout to provide better solutions for their clients.  In our office we have a saying, “We want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, not the bleeding edge.” This means sometimes we wait a little while before we introduce something new so that we know for sure it won’t negatively impact our clients.

Someone that knows the value of people (human factor)

People are the key to a successful business. No matter how far we advance in technology there comes a point where human interaction is still needed.   You need a consultant that believes and understands that technology is to help people, not to replace people; to give them greater opportunities.  A good consultant takes people into consideration when deciding when and how to implement a new business system.  New software and systems are great, but if the people who are expected to use them can’t figure them out, then is it worth the money?

The world is changing, technology is growing at a rate like never before.  It is nearly impossible to run a successful business and stay current on what is to come.  The smart money is to find someone with experience that can recognize the difference between fact and fiction, between the future or a passing fad. 

Customware, Inc. has been providing solutions for over 34 years. From the time when a computer was a novelty to today where we can’t live without them.  Over the years, we have seen the birth and the death of some technologies as well as some that were promised but never came to be.

No one has a crystal ball and can tell you the future, but together we can help you forecast and plan for a future on rock-solid principles, experience, and an openness to look to the future, to take everything possible into consideration so you can be successful today and tomorrow.  Call us today or go to https://www.customwareinc.com/services/consulting-analysis/ to find out the ways we can help make your company better.