Why Choose Customware?

When it comes to finding help for your business it can be tough to know who to trust. A simple Google search for IT services or business technology consultants can render dozens of choices even in your local area. Here at Customware, we want to earn not only your business but your trust. Here are some things that set us apart:

Outstanding Customer Service

If you need something, we’re there for you. We pride ourselves not just on offering a great selection of business account products and IT services, but being genuinely good to everyone we meet. There are few things in the business world more frustrating than not being able to get the help you need but you can always count on us. If you call us, you’ll always talk to a human never an automated robot. If you email us, we’ll respond quickly and effectively.

We Care About Your Business

Our motto for many years has been “by helping you succeed, we succeed” and we mean it. We don’t just want your business, we want your business to thrive! We treat your business like it’s our own. We’ll never make decisions or give you services that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Above all, we genuinely care about your business.

We Won’t Sell You What You Don’t Need

We pride ourselves on being solution experts. We’re problem solvers at heart and we love finding the right solution for your needs. With Customware you never have to worry that we’ll try to sell you something you don’t need. That’s why we thoroughly evaluate your business needs with our five-phase methodology. You’ll get the solutions you need without having to worry about getting anything you don’t need.

We have the Experience to Evaluate Your Needs

We’ve been in the business technology and IT services industry for 30+ years. Needless to say, we’ve nearly seen it all. Our staff is expertly trained, experienced and ready to help with whatever your needs may be. Need help deciding which ERP is right for you? We can help! Want to know what the best network setup would for your office? Give us a call! Whatever your need, we’ve got someone who can help!