What’s New in TRAVERSE

New Features in TRAVERSE March Release

Since the advent of version 11, updates have become much easier to apply.  Staying current on the latest version of TRAVERSE ERP Software no longer is an issue with your custom modifications.  Many clients have chosen to have Customware apply their updates regularly.  If you have not been keeping up with your updates or are not current on software maintenance I would like to share with you what has been released in March. In the future we will be sharing this information as the new releases come out.  If you would like for us to add your company to the update schedule or if you would like to renew your Software Maintenance so you can receive these updates, contact us using our contact form or call us at (502) 223-1136.

March new enhancements added:

  1. In General Ledger in the Update Current Year function, you now have the option of updating to a single Retained Earnings Account, or using the Clear To Account as defined for each account.

    Traverse March

  2. In Inventory when working in Items, you now have the option to copy the picture when setting up a new inventory item and copying from an existing item.

    March Traverse Features

  3. Also in Inventory Items, there is a new Business Rule allows you to choose to enforce a unique UPC for inventory items, IDs and UOM.

    March Traverse Feature

  4. In Payroll in the Check History View, you are now allowed to add the Deductions and Withholdings columns to the top level grid, which will display total amounts next to the Check number.

    March Traverse Feature

  5. In Service Director Work Order Entry, you can now post service activity to linked Project Costing projects, with an option to indicate whether billing should be done in Service Director or Project Costing.

    March Traverse Feature

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