What’s New in TRAVERSE

New Features in TRAVERSE February Release

Since the advent of version 11, updates have become much easier to apply.  Staying current on the latest version of TRAVERSE ERP Software no longer is an issue with your custom modifications.  Many clients have chosen to have Customware apply their updates regularly.  If you have not been keeping up with your updates or are not current on software maintenance I would like to share with you what has been released in February. In the future we will be sharing this information as the new releases come out.  If you would like for us to add your company to the update schedule or if you would like to renew your Software Maintenance so you can receive these updates, contact us using our contact form or call us at (502) 223-1136.

February new enhancements added:

  1. A general improvement to provide more meaningful information when summed, quantity values now reflect the transaction type on the following views: AP Transaction View, AP Summary History View, AR Transaction View, AR Transaction History View, BM Work Order View, IN Detail History View, IN Serial History View, PS Activity View, PS Daily Sales View, PS Performance View, PS Order History View, PO Order View, PO Order LC View, PO Goods Not Received View, SO Order View, SO Open Order Detail View.

    NOTE: If you used Design Studio to replace any view definitions, you will not see this feature on the customized views unless you use Design Studio to change them.

    Traverse February

  2. When you enable lookup controls in Views and Reports, you can now utilize all filtering options in those controls.

    February Traverse Features

  3. In System Manager, a new business rule allows you to choose to load all payroll employees in the employee information screen upon first entering the screen.

    February Traverse Feature

  4. In Design Studio in the screen layout, The Vendor Information screen has been added to allow you to modify the screen layout. (screenshot not available)

  5. In the CRM Dashboard you can now drill down into specific tasks on the Tasks dashboard.

    February Traverse Feature

  6. In Point of Sale when receiving payment you can now use signature capture functionality for payment services from OpenEdge. (screenshot not available)

  7. In Sales Order, you can now generate a PO or purchase requisition for kitted components.

    February Traverse Feature

  8. Also in Sales Order, additional tool tips and click-throughs now allow you to more easily see linked transactions. (screenshot not available)

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