What’s New in TRAVERSE

New Features in TRAVERSE April Release

Since the advent of version 11, updates have become much easier to apply.  Staying current on the latest version of TRAVERSE ERP Software no longer is an issue with your custom modifications.  Many clients have chosen to have Customware apply their updates regularly.  If you have not been keeping up with your updates or are not current on software maintenance I would like to share with you what has been released in April. In the future we will be sharing this information as the new releases come out.  If you would like for us to add your company to the update schedule or if you would like to renew your Software Maintenance so you can receive these updates, contact us using our contact form or call us at (502) 223-1136.

April new enhancements added:

  1. In Sales Order, Price Calculator, you are now able to view the Unit Cost, Extended Cost, and Gross Profit Margin when using the price calculator if the AR Display Unit Cost on Line Items business rule is set to Yes. (screenshot not available)

  2. Also in Sales Order, you can now use the new Returned Items View to see items that have been returned in Sales Order on either an RMA or Credit Memo.

    April Traverse Features

  3. In Inventory Item Price View, you now have a simple Item Price View available for easy visibility of item pricing. (screenshot not available)

  4. In Service Director, Work Order Entry, a customer task pane is now available for the Work Order Entry screen.

    April Traverse Feature

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