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From Business Accounting Software to ERP Systems

TRAVERSE Is The Next Generation of Business Software

TRAVERSE Accounting Software and ERP Solution provides the business process management tools needed to manage your organization. TRAVERSE ERP delivers solutions for the back office, core accounting, distribution, manufacturing, not-for-profit, service or point of sale with the flexibility to adapt to your business processes and growth.


TRAVERSE Accounting Software is a flexible, adaptable software suite that leverages the rich information, processes, and competitive advantages that make your company unique. TRAVERSE was designed to empower you to adapt the software to meet your specific needs while minimizing the need for Information Technology resources.


TRAVERSE offers a wide variety of complete modules. As your business grows, your enterprise resources planning software needs to have the capacity to grow with you. With the scalability features of TRAVERSE the system expands to suit your business needs. Software that fits your business model today and tomorrow!


With modular pricing you have the ability to customize a system with the components required for your business. With the ability to personalize the system you create the solution that meets the demands of your business processes. Choosing TRAVERSE provides an affordable approach to your ERP solution.

Building on Real-World, Industry Experience

Customware, Inc. has helped many companies in numerous industries with their accounting, distribution, and ERP needs for more than 30 years. TRAVERSE represents the best practices of their experience, talent, and innovation. Created to manage the needs of change and to change when needed, TRAVERSE was built to be personalized to your specific needs. A system designed to help people do their jobs better.

TRAVERSE is a true total business solution offering a full range of accounting and business applications. Regardless of the size of your company, TRAVERSE provides a solution that fits. From small businesses to large, growing companies with high transaction volumes, TRAVERSE meets your specialized needs.

The Technology

TRAVERSE is the next generation of business management software, built on Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies. It is a solution that adapts to the way you do business, not the other way around. It is business software that easily integrates with the other applications you use in your business, provides easy access to your critical business data, and gives you the tools you need to turn that data into practical information you can use to make important business decisions. In short, TRAVERSE puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you complete control over your software experience.

The built-in analytics found in TRAVERSE provide instant PivotTable analysis and charting direct from the data inquiry screens. For more advanced needs, the Advanced Information Analyst application provides true data warehouse functionality and extended analysis tools.

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