The Benefits of Off-Site Backup

A backup recovery system is designed to allow the restoration of your critical business data in the event a business system failure. It’s important because between 40-70% of companies that suffer a major IT interruption are out of business within a year1. Computer hardware does fail. When it does you must be ready to replace the hardware quickly and restore data. Let’s look at some features that good backup systems include.

Types of Backups

There are two types of backups that can be utilized within a system.

  1. File level– a file level backup is a copy of files on a machine or hard drive. This is a basic backup that is utilized to restore files to a functioning piece of equipment. These do NOT backup the actual computer system, but only the files on system. For example: it would keep your Word documents without backing up your MS Word program itself. This type of system is used not only for on-site backups but off-site as well.
  2. Image level– an image level backup is actually a snapshot or an image of the entire system or hard drive. This type of backup allows you to restore not only your files on a fresh system; it restores everything about the previous hardware including the operating system, programs and files. These take up more space than file level backups. This type of backup is used for on-site backups.

Multiple Backup Points

There are many different types of system failures. You could have an individual system or hard drive failure, total hardware failure or even a catastrophic event such as a tornado, fire or flood. Multiple backup points not only give you redundancy, it gives you an assurance that no matter what happens you can restore your data. Below are the two primary multiple points of backup that we suggest. Within these two primary backup points there are also multiple backups that can occur.

Local vs Offsite

  1. Local backups – These should be both file level backups as well as image backups of entire systems. Local backups can be placed on removable media so they can be taken off site. These are usually image level backups. It is advisable to also do file level backups locally. These are often stored on a local NAS device (NAS stands for Network Attached Storage). These devices are often placed in an area that is away from your servers, that is protected from elemental disasters such as flooding or fire. NAS servers can be formatted to have RAID to protect the data from hard drive failure like your server, but RAID is not considered a backup.
  2. Off-site backups – These backups are only file level backups due to the fact that it is encrypted and transmitting off-site to a different physical location and is limited by your internet speeds. When setting up your Off-site Backup for the first time you probably will have a large amount of data. When we setup your Off-site Backup we often need to do a file level backup locally first to removable media and then send that to the off-site backup company. As data is added, changed or updated the changes to the data set is transmitted to the off-site backup company. This allows you to save as much data as needed without transmitting large amounts of data at one time.

The Customware Difference

Simple Fee Structure

Many companies offer off-site solutions that run the gambit of pricing modules and fees. Most charge by what you are backing up as well as for the space. For example, let’s say that you have 10 workstations and 2 servers on your network, most would charge a fee per server and per workstation and also limit the amount of storage you can have. The issue with this is that people will sacrifice backing up needed files or systems because it becomes expensive to include everything.

When we decided to offer Off-site Backup we chose to make it simple and affordable. No additional fees for the number of workstations or servers, just 3 simple levels based on the amount of space you need.

1. Basic – total of 20GB of storage space
2. Plus – total of 50GB of storage space
3. Premium – Unlimited storage space

So no matter how many computers you have in your network you can back them up. Install the client on the computer and determine the files that you need to save and schedule the backups.

Locally Stored

Customware also stores your encrypted files locally at our office. This means that you actually know where your data is and in the worst-case-scenario if you need your data we can deliver it to you. With the other Off-site backup services the data is often stored on huge server farms anywhere in the world.

Monitored and Reviewed Daily

We understand the importance of your data. Unlike other off-site backup solution providers we physically review our clients backups on a daily bases. Although we cannot open the files due to their encryption, we verify that the backup files have been received successfully to our server and have not timed out or taking an excessive amount of time to upload from your company. If there has been an issue with your off-site backup we restart the backup to make sure we get your files.

Recovery is Easy

When you utilize Customware’s Off-Site Backup, recovery is easy. You can simply go to the Off-Site Backup client that is installed on the workstation, find the file and then restore it to a location on your computer. You can also use the Web Interface to restore files to new or different computers.

Added Benefits

By utilizing Customware’s Off-site Backup there is an additional benefit to utilize SyncriBox. SyncriBox is a private cloud based and secure alternative to services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox and Box. It provides an easy way to store shared files that can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. It is designed to synchronize documents, music files, images and other similar files.

Now Is The Time For Action

Now that you know more about what a good backup system should be, you may find that your current system for backing up your data is lacking. If so, you need to address these areas to insure the continuation of your business if you have a major IT interruption. Customware can provide the proper solution that will bring you security and peace of mind and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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1 Gartner, Inc. is an American research and advisory firm providing information technology related insight for IT and other business leaders located across the world. Its headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, United States