One of the best parts of our off-site backup service, is a feature called SyncriBox. It’s included with every offsite backup plan. SyncriBox is a cloud-based storage solution similar to services like Dropbox. The files that are stored can be accessed from nearly anywhere. However, SyncriBox has some distinct advantages over it’s competitors.

Security & Privacy

The files are always under your control. There is no danger of an outside or third-party seeing your files without your permission. The process is also secure, so you can rest easy knowing that even sensitive data is safe. You always have full control over who sees your files. In addition, all files are automatically encrypted with a key that is unique to your installation.

No Sync Limits

No more worrying about files being to large to send. With SyncriBox there’s no throttling or size limits on files.  There’s also no limit on the number of users that can have access to your files.

Auto Sync

With SyncriBox your files are automatically saved after any modification. Furthermore, If you edit a file, SyncriBox automatically pushes the change making it immediately available to you. Also, your files will be immediately available on any device. You can view the files from your phone, tablet or PC anywhere with an internet connection.

Included in Your Offsite Backup

Stop paying extra to be able to use your files you’re already backing up. Every offsite backup plan offered by Customware includes SyncriBox. It’s all part of the amazing offsite backup packages that we offer, at no extra cost to you.


If your business in interested or need of reliable offsite backup, get in touch with us! You can contact us here or give us a call at 502-223-1136. You can also get more information here by visiting our offsite backup page.