Network Infrastructure

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Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure, whether local or wide area, has become affordable and necessary for businesses of all sizes, but network administration has become more complicated. Will you use dedicated connection? What speed, or will you use the Internet and a VPN? Do you want a virtual storefront? What kind of cabling do you need? Do you need a static or dynamic IP address? And what about network video monitoring? Is it what you’ve been looking for to keep an eye on your business or inventory?

Customware has the knowledge and experience to help you answer the right questions to find a cost-effective solution that will work for you. We have installed Network infrastructure that span across the country, and we continue to maintain these networks today. If your business has grown to the point of spreading across town or across the nation, rest assured we can help keep you running so you can succeed. Customware, Inc. designs, builds and implements business networks that may consists of the following components:





network servers

Network Server




VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

remote site monitoring

Remote Site Monitoring

virtual servers

Virtual Servers


VOIP Telephone Systems

Wireless Networking

Public and Private Wireless Networks


Smartphone Integration


Unified Communication

data Storage

Data Storage

If your server closet is in disarray, you can’t print at times, you are always losing connection to the network, wireless keeps dropping and you don’t know where to turn, or you are planning new construction and don’t want the network mess you have now – it’s time to call Customware, Inc and know that your network infrastructure will be dependable and correct.

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