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You know you need to update your business technology. It takes expertise to understand how software and hardware integrate to provide the needs your business counts on to succeed and expertise to gather the information to provide the correct solution. Customware, Inc. has talented staff with over 90 years of combined IT and business services experience. Whether your needs consists of planning and implementation of a new accounting software system, new or an upgrade of your network infrastructure, business processes review or design, connecting remote offices, designing and implementing a new web site, designing and implementing a disaster recovery plan or desktop system support we’ll meet with to design a plan a work with you and your staff to insure your business technology needs are met and successfully implemented.

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Our Five Phase Methodology

Phase 1- Due Diligence

Due diligence is the work done up front to understand your business goals and needs, and to ensure the implementation system represents the best solution to successfully meet those goals and needs. We take your selection very seriously and have a defined screening process. We position ourselves as consultants rather than vendors to establish a relationship to help make key decisions. This process proves that Customware, Inc. has something of value to you. Through due diligence we hope to developing a long-term relationship that enhances your business.

Phase 2- Implementation Planning

During this phase, we work with you to design a detailed implementation plan. The document serves as the blueprint to keep the entire team focused on the end result – meeting your business goals and needs. The plan identifies the major components or the implementation process and attaches them to an estimated timeline. Through the use of project task lists, calendars and charts, resources can be scheduled and managed in the most efficient manner. The implementation plan will document the accounting modules to be installed, the parallel processes/tasks that need to occur, and the training plan for you staff.

Phase 3- Environment Preparation

If the existing hardware and software systems are not properly structured, the new accounting system won’t be successful. Our objective is to have success early and build on ease success. Therefore, we would perform a systematic review of the hardware, software and operating system components, then document the findings and recommendations. This allows us to gain a good understanding of the configuration of the current computing environment before beginning business system implementations.

Phase 4- Implementation & Training

This phase begins with an entrance conference where the implementation team reviews key timing issues, discusses communication guidelines and agrees on other implementation details. Throughout the implementation process, the project manager issues official progress reports to those who need to stay informed. Detailed customized procedure manuals can be developed that document the accounting system as it is implemented for you, and include step-by-step instructions for processing information through the system. These procedure manuals can be enhanced with training exercises and are used to conduct module training. At the completion of the engagement, an exit conference is held to review the implemented software solution to insure all the important steps were completed to your satisfaction.

Phase 5- Ongoing Support

There are two focuses of ongoing support: 1) supporting the solution technically over time, and 2) ensuring the solution evolves with you needs over time. We are dedicated to the long-term success of your business. In addition to various support avenues we can perform an annual system review. This review has been designed to examine the use of your system and recommend ways to improve operations through new or under-utilized features. We have found this approach to be an effective means of ensuring your users continue to remain satisfied and productive with your new system.

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