On-Time Stand Alone

time & attendance software

On-Time Stand Alone

On-Time StandAlone is a full-featured time and attendance software designed by Customware, Inc. that allows you to track and manage your employee’s time. On-Time StandAlone provides you the tools to make processing payroll easier and less time consuming. With the E5 Time Clock and the new OT1000 Time Clock you can collect electronic time clock data and review employee time that is converter into employee timesheet data prior to processing payroll. On-Time StandAlone allows you to track employee leave time and scheduled holidays and time off. Track and review employee attendance for reviews.

With On-Time Stand Alone you can track the history of employee attendance and punches and compare scheduled work times against actual work times. You can set grace periods for punching in and out and have automatic rounding or exact time calculations. It also allows configuration of paid or unpaid breaks and break lengths.


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