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ERP For Pallet Manufacturing

Streamline and document your manufacturing process

With TRAVERSE ERP for pallet manufacturing and our knowledge of the industry, you can expect to see a more efficient, streamlined manufacturing process. We do this with automation and by eliminating duplicate entry.In addition to streamlining your processes we also work with you to document them. This is most helpful when it comes to instructing new hires and standardizing your procedures.

Track production, supplier cost, inventory and sales cycles more easily and in more detail

Business today is different than in the past. Everything is interdependent and moving at the speed of light. When even one process is flawed, the entire company can suffer. The winners will be those who can accurately track their company’s raw materials, production, inventory and sales cycles and make decisions quickly and confidently. TRAVERSE ERP for pallet manufacturing provides information at your fingertips in every area of your business.

Fully-integrated Solution

If you desire to make your company move forward as a whole, integration is the key. There are many benefits to a fully-integrated ERP solution. Integration means that you have one place where you can report and see all aspects of your business.



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  • Track raw materials management
  • Track sales demand and determine what you need to order and when
  • Track and maintain your finished goods, made-to-stock items and custom products
  • Set safety stock levels to assure that orders can always be filled in a timely manner
  • Submit purchase requisitions and select vendors to fulfill the orders based on various criteria, such as who can deliver the quickest, who is the least expensive or who gives the best price breaks for volume buys
  • Take physical inventory and record quantities


  • Manage production based on actual and forecasted needs
  • Manage routing and resources for production
  • Create multiple bills of materials for manufactured products
  • Schedule and release production orders from cut lumber to recording of scrap
  • Report and monitor Work-In-Process (WIP), raw material usage and labor costs during production
  • Complete production orders and add to inventory


  • Process sales quotes, sales orders, invoices and accounts receivables
  • Manage contracts and fulfillments
  • Process purchase orders and accounts payables
  • Collect labor and process payroll
  • Record and manage general ledger
  • Record and manage fixed assets


Two Versions For Manufacturing

No matter which package you choose, Customware will work with you from start to finish. Our goal is to work with you as a partner. Your success is a direct reflection on us and the work we do for you.

Full Manufacturing Suite

Allows for every detail of the process to be recorded and tracked. If you want to record everything that is related to your manufacturing process from materials and labor to setup time and machine maintenance, this is the package that you need.


Lite Manufacturing

A tailored version of bill of materials designed for the pallet manufacturing industry. Create bills of materials, release work orders and record production simply and easily.



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