Have you been looking for a great time to upgrade or add new users to your OSAS or Traverse systems? Now through February 28th, you can receive a discount when you add regularly priced applications or users to your system! The discount will be based on the  high temperature of Minneapolis, MN for previous day. For example, if the high temperature yesterday  was 27 degrees you’ll receive a 27% discount*. It’s a great time to catch some amazing saving!. When you’re ready to save some money, get in touch and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll be updating this page daily so be sure to check back to catch the latest discount!


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*Terms and Conditions
The maximum discount will be 50%Base applications are eligible|  You can see the eligible applications and official temperatures here. | The client must be current on maintenance in order to take advantage of the promotion. | Maintenance is not included as part of the promotion | Only the official temperature listed on the Open Systems website will be used for discount.

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