Beware Ransomware

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Beware Ransomware

Ransomware Explained

Imagine you have your house. You like your house. You have nice things in your house. One day, someone comes to your house with a package. You don’t know where it’s from or why you got it, but you open it anyway.

Out comes an evil genie who throws you out of your house, locks the doors and windows, and demands you pay him in order to get access to your house again.

That’s how Ransomware works – you download a file that looks like it’s from a legitimate source. (Hint: it isn’t.)

It uses encryption to ‘lock’ your files down, using a very secure key that is then transmitted to an external server.

Basically, someone has the ONLY key to your files – and you’re going to have to pay to get it back.

What to do

Due to the advanced nature of the key in this case (2048-bit RSA) it is unlikely you can break it on your own in the best of scenarios. This means that, unless you have an uninfected backup, you have lost all of your files, and you should have a backup system in place.

Everyone just needs to know to not open any files you are not expecting, no matter how familiar they look. You should also double-check with the sender that they intended to send the file, and if it is an .exe file, it should never be opened without first ensuring that it’s a legitimate file.

Customware offers a couple of different options to help protect you from things like this. Backups are the first line of defense. Up-to-date anti-virus is the next step, but just like the flu shot, you can still get the flu after you’ve had the shot. We offer simple solutions that could help
stop these nasty ransomware attacks on your network.

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