Ad-Vantage v7.6 release

The Best Just Got Better!

We are preparing for the release of Ad-Vantage v7.6. Here are some of the new features:

Totally Reengineered Network Add-On

Previously called Statewide Add-On, We have made it easier and faster with one line item on the orders instead of every newspaper in the Network, while still sending the statewide Insertion Orders to every member newspaper in the Network

More Detailed GL Accounting

New GL Account by Order Type lets you post to your GL to specific accounts by Ad Type. We also have added the ability to enter newspaper Deductions by GL Account

Receive Tearsheets By Order number

Added option to receive tearsheets by Order Number as well as by Newspaper


New Tearsheet Receiving Screen for Network Ads

New receiving screen for Network Ads tearsheets with copy all features to allow you to make notes and enter information once for all tearsheets on a Network order.

New Footer Messages By Order Type

Customize your Quotes, Invoices and Insertion Order footers by Order Type


Order Detail Table Added to Reporting Query

adds a new level of reporting to the system

Watch for the release announcement soon to come!

See you at the NAM in Nashville, TN!